Welcome to the pre-release of the new SZTeachers site.  The current site is snapshot of our development site as of July, 2016.  Several features here are still under development and the interfaces, especially for mobile users, not yet complete. Much of the static content though is done and available. We are currently working on the final cleanup and integration of a new Learning Management System (LMS) into the site.

What is SZTeachers?

fp1-150We are a new type of education site combining electronic learning with advanced social networking, collaboration tools, and a wealth of public education related information.  Our focus is on providing a fun and clean environment where students and teachers can interact with each other while at the same time providing the tools necessary to build effective online learning environments.  Most students we see in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) are interested in improving their English abilities, regardless of other subjects they may study.  We believe that the best way to excel at any area of study is by doing – practicing and using what is learned which is what we offer here.

SZTeachers members enjoy free access to all social networking and public resources on this site.  Members are free to upload and share documents, audio, video, pictures and discuss any topics of interest through groups, their individual walls, and public forums.  Teachers can sign up either through the Managed Training program or independently to create and run classes directly on the site.  Members control privacy for content they create in their private areas and by group and forum moderators control access for their areas.  This allows teachers to create teaching environments that are only visible to class participants.


fp2-150SZTeachers is a member driven community where members interact with other members and groups.  Each member has their own space where they can create private discussion forums, store and share files and media (photos, video, documents, etc), and establish relationships with other members and groups.  Groups are special spaces made up of one or more members.  Groups can create their own private discussion forums, store and share files and media and are usually used for special interest groups, classes, and other situations where members want to work together in their own area.  Group access is controlled by the group administrator and can be either public (everyone can see) or private (only group members can see).

Community services are free services available to all members and include classified ads, community events notice board, job boards, public discussion forums and email discussion lists.  The classified ads system provides free ad space for anyone wanting to buy or sell goods.  Event calendars are used to post events and find out what events are happening in your area.  The job boards are a free service for placing ads for both job seekers and employers.  Public forums are areas where members can discuss issues important to themselves in an open environment.   Email discussion lists do much the same but the discussions occur through email among subscribed members. more...

When Will The Production Site Be Ready?

fp3-150Membership in SZTeachers is currently closed while we finish the first phase of development.  The first general release of the site is scheduled for September 2016. At that time we plan to have the LMS functionality working and will gradually open up membership.  In the meantime if you would like to post ads for jobs or teachers let us know and we'll be happy to post to this interim site.  If you are a teacher or training center interested in working with us prior to the general release do let us know as this might be possible.

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